Company of Angels Website

Founded in 1959 by a group of television and film actors that included Richard Chamberlain, Leonard Nimoy and Vic Morrow, Company of Angels is the oldest repertory theater in Los Angeles. The [...]

OM Open Minded Web Shop

We put together this eCommerce shop for OM Open Minded, a clothing line out of Silverlake, CA. We also wrote all the copy for all the products. Check out the site here.

Illustrated Poster

Molly Ryan’s new high flying musical adventure! We illustrated this poster and did the typography layout. Turned out pretty sweet.

87th Annual Academy Awards- Oscars

This little certificate went in the gift bags of all the Oscar nominees in 2015. It was a little teeny thing, slipped into a book that was kind of a big thing. We designed collage and typography [...]

Legal Logo

A legal logo for a patent attorney with an affinity to nature. If you have any good ideas/inventions that need a patent, let us know. We’ll hook you up.

Chicago Based Legal Website

Classic legal website with sweeping views of Chicago. We created the logo in addition to putting together the site. Since the attorney no longer wishes to advertise himself the site has become [...]

Dan Levinson Website

Dan Levinson is New York City very talented jazz mainstay and has worked with many major ensembles across the globe. We created the logo, graphics and branding for his site & put together [...]

Woodland Wedding Website

This merry little, “camp themed” wedding website was inspired by Wes Anderson’s film, “Moonrise Kingdom.” See it here in all its glory.

Edwardian Style Logo

We created this logo inspired by all things Edwardian/Titanic era, The Gamble House and Suffragettes.

Professional Resumes

Here’s a great idea: hire us to redo your resume. In this super competitive job market it helps to stand out! We will make you look cool. Here are some examples of us making people look [...]

1920s Great Gatsby Themed Brochure

This brochure was about 100 pages of fun. We came up with the idea for The Great Gatsby Theme and illustration for the cover. We also did the layout for the inside.

Opera Singer Branding & Website

We were going for a subtle Baroque/Renaissance feel for this this website. We used a lot of classical, Italian looking fonts and colors. Users should almost feel like they’re touching silk [...]

New York City Jazz Singer Website

A website for Molly Ryan, a very talented jazz singer living in New York City. We did the logo, graphics and layout for this site. Check out the site here. More show posters we’ve created [...]

Reggae Album Covers

These were a set of album covers designed for fictitious bands to be used for the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, starring Milla Jovovich and Ethan Hawke. One cover was featured [...]

Various Show Posters

A poster for Southern California Vintage Ball A show poster for another Houston Brother’s event at Pour Vous. The Houston Brothers run Los Angeles and own many bars: Dirty Laundry, No [...]

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